Aegisub scriptek

A bunch of scripts that don’t come with aegisub by default:

» All of my own scripts can be found here. (GitHub repository here.)

» Here you can find links to scripts from lyger, torque, line0, and others

Aegisub-Motion | Latest version here

Script for motion tracking with Mocha.

This is roughly what things should look like.
Set the folders in the config (below) as implied.

The ‘Trim’ window doesn’t exist anymore. ->

If you copy data from Mocha, they will be pasted
automatically in the top part of the ‘Apply’ dialogue. ->

Duplicate and shift by 1 Frame backwards

If you don’t know what this is, then you don’t need it.


Aligns text along a bezier curve.
Won’t do shit if you don’t read the instructions in the script so please…

BT.601 -> BT.709 Color Converter

BT.709 -> BT.601 Color Converter

Daiz’s scripts to fix the mess he created in the first place.
(This is not needed in newer builds that do it with resample dialog.)

How to use scripts

Just place the lua in Aegisub’s automation/autoload folder. It will load when you start Aegisub unless it’s somehow corrupt.
If you modify the script with Aegisub open, go to “Automation -> Automation” in the menu and click “Rescan Autoload Dir.”
That will reload all scripts in the autoload directory.

If you download a script and it’s not loading in Aegisub, it might be because you’re using Chrome and it’s adding some html crap to it, so make sure to avoid that.

Bind your scripts to hotkeys.

Go to Preferences-Interface-Hotkeys, add a new line under Default. Set a hotkey and under “Command” type “auto”.
Aegisub will show you a list of loaded automation scripts. Select the one you want.

Write your own scripts!

If you still need more functions, learn how to write lua scripts for aegisub here.
If you’re familiar with any programming language, it will probably be easy.
If not, you can still learn to do so with this guide. [Even I did, so it can’t be that hard.]

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